The Untold Story of The Night Porter (Part 4/4)

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A blond woman in a hotel lobby
A young lady who offered Gustav an “opportunity”, 1968 | The Monkey Times

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Third night

Rudolf came up to me with a young woman of about 30. She looked good, behaved confidently, slightly arrogantly, but with a touch of playfulness and tenderness. “I would like him to join me today. Is that possible?” She asked Rudolf. “Is that possible?” now she turned to me. “Join you?” Rudolph asked quickly. “Join me,” she repeated. “What does it mean to join her,” I thought. A strange expression. Let me remind you, I was 22 years old guy, I was very young. I was only 5 times with a woman. I had a little affair two years ago with a girl who was three years older than me.But that’s a different story.

A mixed complex of emotions flashed inside me – surprise, indecision and some interest. I looked at the woman, trying to read the true intentions in her eyes. Her words and behaviour made me suspect that something unusual was going on.

“Do you want me to join you?” I asked, my eyebrows seemed to rise to the top of my head and I stared at her without hiding my surprise. She nodded, smiling suggestively.

“I offer you an opportunity,” she continued, as if aware of my inner musings. The words of the woman caused me confusion and anxiety. I wasn’t sure what I could expect by joining this group of people. However, curiosity and a thirst for adventure awakened in me.

“And what do I need to do?” I asked, eager to learn more about the opportunity and the risks involved.

The woman raised her eyebrows with a smile. “Now is not the place for explanations,” she said cryptically. “Today at midnight, come to the hall below. I’ll be waiting for you there. If you decide to join, you’ll learn more.”

Rudolf watched us quietly, as if waiting for my decision. I understood that this decision could entail consequences that I have no idea about. The horror of the previous night had washed over me, I was red with excitement, I was sweating terribly, but part of me was hungry for adventure, mystery and danger.

“I’ll join,” I said, wondering which hall downstairs I was talking about. I didn’t remember any hall downstairs. In response, the woman smiled approvingly, and Rudolf nodded, as if he expected just such an answer.

“Good,” the woman said. With these words, she turned and walked away with Rudolf. I was left alone, all engulfed in thoughts about what awaits me in that hall and where I ended up.

The rest of the time until midnight passed slowly and gloomily. My thoughts filled with reflections about what might be hiding in the depths of this mysterious hotel. Excitement and nervousness did not leave me, but I decided to suppress my fears and trust my intuition.

At midnight I headed down the spiral staircase at the end of a corridor I had never been to, peering into the darkness that surrounded me. When I reached the end of the stairs, I found a door. I didn’t even know there was a hall downstairs. Again, there were guards at the entrance, and a low murmur and muffled conversation could be heard from behind the door. My heart beat faster as I crossed the threshold and found myself inside.

The hall was decorated in a strange, exotic style, combining elements of ancient cultures and modern art. The walls were covered with fabrics of various colors and decorated with symbols and drawings of unknown origin. In the middle of the hall stood an altar with mysterious objects and candles that created a soft light.

A group of people gathered around the altar, all wearing the same masks and cloaks to hide their faces and identities. I had no idea how they got here. I felt some mystical energy.

The woman who brought me here came up to me and took off her mask. Her face was expressive and mysterious. She watched my reactions with expectant eyes.

The action began. I saw Herr Gordo again. He began the ritual by saying some words in Latin. The woman pulled me into a separate room where we were alone. The room seemed to me a new world, saturated with an atmosphere of mystery and temptation. It was a room lit by the dim light of candles. Paintings hung on the walls depicting unfamiliar symbols and scenes full of erotic aura.

“Take off your clothes,” she commanded. “What’s happening?” I asked, slowly but automatically obeying. She took off her cloak and appeared to be naked. She pushed me to the bed and knelt down. Herr Gordo’s voice, which seemed to come from the Middle Ages, became stronger and stronger. I heard a growing noise, began to hear the moans of women. I cum too soon. The woman ordered to eat her p—sy.

I do not remember how it happened, but other participants in the orgy also joined us. With every second, I felt the world around me twist, becoming more and more mystical, everything was like a fog. Rustles and whispers turned into loud moans and slaps. I saw one man and two women being whipped while writhing in pain and pleasure. It was an absolutely wild act that I became a part of. The women around started some kind of devilish dance, embodied in movements and energy the art of passion and dedication. The men literally grabbed them and raped them in turn. The women were insatiable. I forgot about myself, plunging into the world of ecstasy. It was magic that shattered the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

The orgy continued all night until the participants began to fall from fatigue. With the onset of dawn, the participants began to disperse, thanking for their participation.

I do not remember how I returned to the room, but the next 5 hours I slept soundly. Returning in the afternoon to my post as a night porter, replacing one of the “employees” of the hotel. To my surprise I felt a new strength and confidence in myself. That night changed me and turned my life upside down. I no longer thought about the girl that Rudolph and I carried out of the hotel. I thought about what had happened in those few days. I also felt that the young woman had become indifferent to me and I would have loved to be in her company again. Besides, I would like to get to know her as a person. There were more questions than answers. But I could not survive this experience without consequences. Nobody could.

Ain’t a Night Porter No More

In the morning I left the hotel. I decided to keep my past life behind me, and especially the last three days that had changed me so much. I was scared. I was sure that they would not want to let me go, since I witnessed a murder, an orgy of rich and famous people. It was also scary that I was surrounded by influential people for whom I was nobody. Less than zero.

Railway station in Alps
Railway station in 2 kilometers from the hotel Gutval worked for, 1968 | The Monkey Times

I quietly slipped out of the hotel, as it seemed to me, walked a few kilometers to the nearest railway station and decided to wait for my train, which would take me to Munich. I didn’t have a final plan of where to go. And then I saw Rudolf, in his hands was a black suitcase. He was approaching quickly. “Here it is, the end,” I thought, and let go of my backpack.

“Leaving in a French style?” Rudolf asked ironically.

“What’s next? Will you kill me?” I asked tremblingly, looking around and hoping someone could see us. Rudolf smiled. “Here’s your salary and an overtime bonus,” he replied calmly.

“Leave it to yourself, I just want to forget everything,” I replied.

“I don’t think you can. You gonna live. But a long tongue can shorten your life.” I swallowed nervously, and Rudolf handed me the suitcase. “It was a pleasure working with you, Gustav.”

After a while, I returned to the real world, where I had to look for new happiness and a new meaning of life. Although I knew I could never forget those nights at the hotel. Overtime was a very large amount. I still think that it would be easier to get rid of me than to pay that amount of money. I thought for a long time why they treated me the way they did. Only years later I found out the answer. With the money I received, I began to travel, seek new adventures and immerse myself in different cultures.

Despite all the changes, the nights in the hotel always remained a mysterious and attractive fragment of my life. They reminded me that there’s true animal desires inside us.

Over the years I have found my place in the world by becoming a real estate expert. One day, 7 years after those events at the hotel, enjoying a warm summer day in Paris, I wandered into one of the cafes in the city center.

The garcon came up to me, shielding the woman at the next table. “Coffee and croissant, please,” I said.

“Oui, monsieur,” he answered. Immediately I saw a woman looking at me. I remembered that look. She looked at me confidently, slightly haughtily, but with a touch of playfulness and tenderness.

“Bonjour,” sounded a forgotten, and now such a familiar voice. “I’d like to be joined. Is that possible?” she turned to me.

“With pleasure,” I replied after a moment, staring dumbfounded at my future wife.

Gustav Schmidt

Gustav shares his incredible stories with The Monkey Times.

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