The Untold Story of The Night Porter (Part 3/4)

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The car and three guys in the deep forest at night
Gustav, his manager and the driver are deciding where they should dig a pit to hide a dead girl | The Monkey Times

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Dead Body

It was a situation where you know there is no way out. At that moment I didn’t realize that my life had changed forever. But I had to make a choice: become an accomplice or risk everything and try to run. But where?

I remember feeling my insides constrict with disgust, fear and incomprehension of what was happening. Thoughts flashed through my head that I was involved in dark and dangerous games that violate law and nature.

“Who is she?” I suddenly asked.

“You will be well paid for your silence,” Rudolph replied. “No one will come for her. Nobody ever comes for them.”


“I know what I am saying. And she is a “whim” of our guests. Act as a pro. Help me.”

My hands were trembling, my whole life stopped at that moment, and reality turned into a nightmare. I tried to find the words, but a lump stuck in my throat, preventing me from uttering the words.

The manager came close to me and frowned. “We must dispose of this body immediately,” he said forcefully. His voice sounded suddenly harsh and menacing. He suggested wrapping the body in curtains to hide it from prying eyes.

We wrapped the body with difficulty, and it seemed to me much heavier than I expected. The manager said that we didn’t have time to think and we should get rid of this unpleasant “accident” as soon as possible.

With a load on our shoulders, we quickly rushed to the stairs, which were connected to the back door of the hotel. At the bottom, a car was already waiting for us, the driver was an “employee” unknown to me. He was so cold-blooded that it disgusted me. The manager and driver were clearly connected in some way, and this only reinforced my feeling that I had fallen into a strip of deadly secrets.

It was dark and fresh outside, the mountain air was sobering. We carefully placed the body in the back seat, and I felt fear and anxiety once again seize every cell of my being. I knew that I was already too deeply involved in this dangerous game, and there seemed to be no way out of it.

The driver got behind the wheel and I took the passenger seat next to him. Rudolf remained in the back seat. Looking at him, I saw in his eyes a shadow of ruthlessness and indifference. I didn’t know where we were going or what would happen next. I was overcome with a mixture of horror, fear and self-hatred for allowing myself to get into such a sinister situation. My thoughts swirled in my head, trying to find a way to get out of this nightmare, but my actions were already tangled in dark threads of intrigue and mystery.

During our drive, the “hotel employee” silently drove the car as if nothing was happening. A gloomy silence filled the salon, and I realized that being next to him was scarier than I could have imagined. I had witnessed cruelty and ruthlessness, and now my life was a torrent of uncertainty and danger.

Disposal of The Corpse And Return to The Hotel

After some time, our trip ended with a remote place in a dense forest thicket. My heart was beating so loudly that I was almost afraid that my accomplices would hear it. We pulled the body out of the car and started looking for a suitable place to dispose of it. A gloomy atmosphere reigned around us, as if nature itself sympathized with my horror and hidden fears.

Rudolf found a suitable place, three shovels were in the car already. My soul was crying for help, but I was entangled in a web of secrets and threats. Memories of how I got to this hotel flashed through my head. I had no choice. I’ve been a prisoner of my own innocence, and I didn’t know what the consequences would be for me.

With tears in my eyes and trembling hands, I helped bury the body, cursing myself for being involved in this nightmare. I realized that now I have no way back. Vague thoughts raged in my head about the possible consequences of my participation in this atrocity. I knew that now I was being held in the clutches of this gloomy hotel, and every step I took could be my last.

The manager looked around the area around us and, with a satisfied nod, told me to return to the car. We got into the car, and with every kilometer that separated us from the crime scene, I suddenly began to feel more and more confident, as if the problem was getting smaller the more kilometers separated us from the girl’s corpse.

Back at the hotel, the manager ordered me to go with him to the hotel room, to take a shower and change clothes. He remained in the room with me while I tried to put myself in order. I remember I asked “What’s next?”

“You will now go at the reception desk and continue to do your job. We appreciate your professionalism and willingness to work overtime. The hotel always rewards its employees for their hard work,” Rudolf replied in a very calm voice, as if nothing had happened.

I went to the reception, Rudolf remained next to me for some time. It was early morning. I greeted the first guests who had to leave early. Several hotel employees passed by. I couldn’t help feeling that everyone was aware of what happened last night. And when someone looked at me, it seemed to me that he looked at me accusingly. I was afraid that they might know about dark secrets, that I had become an accomplice in something incredibly dangerous. But on the outside, I remained calm and professional, and continued to perform my duties as a night porter.

The next day, towards noon, the restaurants were again full of guests, as if nothing had happened. It looked like nothing has been happening during the night. There was no sign of an orgy, no sign of a cult holding their mass in the hotel. By the afternoon of the next day, I was already very tired, both physically and mentally. I literally fell off my feet, and my thoughts became blurry. I continued to persuade myself that I was not involved in what happened, but only an involuntary participant and did what I had to. Rudolf replaced me, sending me to my room to sleep.

Hotel room in the Bavarian 5 star hotel
Gustav’s room during the events that happened at that time | The Monkey Times

I was not sure that I could sleep, and fearing for my life, I locked the doors and propped them up with a table in case someone wanted to enter. And if someone pulled the door, then a lamp would immediately fall from the table, waking me up. I lay down and remembered that the floor of the hotel was bought out for 4 nights. The first passed quietly, in the second I buried the corpse. What’s next? And then I fell asleep.

The Evening Before The Third Night

When I woke up, I felt a slight sense of relief that I was still alive. The room around me was quiet and calm, as if there were no signs of danger. However, dark shadows of last night’s events remained in my mind.

Getting out of bed, I scanned the room to make sure no one had broken in while I was sleeping. I cleaned myself up, put on my night porter uniform, and decided to go to my post. Grabbing my keys, I unlocked the door and looked around the hallway, which seemed serene and mundane, as if yesterday’s horrors were just a frightening dream. However, I was on my guard and did not intend to discount the possibility of new threats.

When approaching the restaurant, I noticed that it was again full of visitors, the hotel guests were having a serene dinner, and on the street evening had long since changed day. They sat at tables, chatted, enjoyed food and drinks. Other than the members of this private club, the other guests had no idea of the grim events that had taken place just a few hours earlier. Everything was hidden from the eyes of ordinary visitors, and the hotel continued its activities as if nothing had happened. The participants of the sex party also did not show any signs of anxiety or excitement.

I was embarrassed by this outside world, where the daily routine did not give way to dark secrets. I felt isolated and alone, I should have eaten, but I didn’t want to. I decided to eat later.

With every minute the hotel plunged into darkness. Meeting at the counter with Rudolph, who replaced me during the daytime, I received some of the usual routine instructions from him and he left me as if nothing had happened. I remember I was very surprised at his energy and wondered how he manages to remain cheerful all this time.

Hours passed, midnight approached again, and the silence in the hotel deepened. I continued to work, opening doors for visitors, accepting their requests and desires. At this time, it became clear to me that this night the orgy of the “cultists”, as I called them to myself, would continue and bring with them their own secrets and mysteries that lurk in the darkness.

Time passed slowly, and every minute spent as a night porter seemed painfully long. I thought about the last night. What had happened to that girl? Who is responsible for her death? I felt like an unwitting participant in some big game where my life was at stake.

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A story that happened in 1968 in Bavarian luxury hotel for the rich guests, in southern Germany.

The Untold Story of The Night Porter (Part4/4) ↗

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