The Untold Story of The Night Porter (Part 1/4)

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A young guy at reception desk in the hotel
22-year-old night porter Gustav in Bavarian hotel, 1968 | The Monkey Times

Hello dear reader. My name is Gustav. I am an Austrian by origin, but for the last 40 years I have been living in France, in the suburbs of Paris. I have been an old man for a long time and I think I have practically no time left on this mortal Earth. This story happened to me in the years of my youth back in 1968 in one of the large hotels in Bavaria, in southern Germany. I have never told this to anyone. I hope my wife will not mind if I share it with you, may her soul rest in peace, I hope we will meet again soon. The story is too incredible to be true and too dangerous for me to be known. At least until this day.

Among the Alps there is a luxury hotel aimed at the rich and famous visitors with a long history. The hotel survived the years of WWI and Nazi Germany, and still, I am sure of this, the hotel is famous for its luxury, exquisite service and carefully guarded secrets of its guests. It is the policy of hotel employees to indulge the little whims of visitors without asking too many questions and maintain their confidentiality.

At that time, I was working in a hotel as a simple night manager, responsible for the smooth functioning of the hotel during the night. The night shifts gave me the opportunity to witness the strangest and most wonderful things. One such event was an orgy of a closed club of rich and influential people of that time, which changed my life forever. For its organization, a few months before the date of arrival, an entire floor of the hotel was purchased for four days, which resulted in a decent amount for the party organizer.

Only 9 people were notified about the upcoming event and I was one of them. All dedicated personnel were called to work for the whole week without days off with the possibility of rest only for sleep. There was a preparatory process, with only three maids allowed on the third floor during the whole time. Two security guards were posted to guard the floor from prying eyes, I was in charge to help guests if anything is needed, and several “hotel employees” whom I had never seen before had to satisfy ANY requests from the guests. My manager was supposed keep an eye on us.

In addition to the “new employees”, it was also strange that I had not seen the owner of the hotel for several days. He was a man of habits. Herr Gordo lived on the top floor and never left the hotel, but he could always be seen in the elevator, the hotel lobby, or one of the several restaurants.

Arrival Day

“Good evening,” I heard from another guest, standing at the reception. It was the day the party guests arrived. In front of me I saw a man of about 45, clean-shaven, in expensive clothes. He had a companion with him, a beautiful blonde with big eyes and an incredibly sweet smile. They smelled like sandalwood, at least I thought so. These were the first visitors that I identified as “those people”.

Hotel in Bavarian Alps
5 star hotel in Bavarian Alps, Germany | The Monkey Times

I hastened to greet the newly arrived guests. My heart, I remember, was beating wildly with anticipation of what awaited me this week. Like I said, it was a special day. The day when one of the most interesting events of the hotel began, a 4-day sex party, which attracted the richest and most influential guests. And their names have always been pseudonyms.

I carefully watched the arriving guests, trying to judge which of them could be a participant in this hidden event. And I knew that among the German, Swiss, and God knows where else the elite who settled in this hotel, many hid their true desires and secret fantasies.

I remember a smartly dressed woman with an exquisite hairstyle and a seductive look walked past me. I smiled, figuring out what passions await this mysterious lady soon. My suspicion then shifted to two men having a lively conversation in the lobby. Their confiding and touching each other suggested that they might not just be friends.

Fascinated and turned on by the idea of what was hidden behind the facade of these guests, I was filled with excitement and a desire to learn more. Frankly, I even dreamed of being one of the guests, of being a participant in an event that would surely change my views on the world and open the door to a world where rules and moral standards are intertwined with temptations and desires. And at that time the level of morality was at a completely different level than now. At least it seems so to me.

As I handed the keys to the guests, I thought about how thin the line is between ordinary people and those who are ready to open up to sexual experiments and plunge into the world of freedom and passion. If I had the opportunity, I would not hesitate to discover this secret for myself and go through the gates of this sex party, which has collected all the most daring and intimate.

I followed each new guest with interest, imagining their hidden desires and passions. Inwardly, I knew that no matter how events unfolded, my four-day adventure was only just beginning.

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A story that happened in 1968 in Bavarian luxury hotel for the rich guests, in southern Germany.

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Gustav Schmidt

Gustav shares his incredible stories with The Monkey Times.

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