The Untold Story of The Night Porter (Part 2/4)

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Breakfast in Bavarian hotel
Breakfast of guests in Bavarian 5 star hotel, 1968 | The Monkey Times

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First 24 hours

On the first day after the arrival of the main number of party guests, those who settled on the third floor of the hotel seemed quite ordinary and calm. The staff performed their duties with an elegant routine, smiling and welcoming guests, giving them attention and offering first-class service.

Guests enjoyed the luxury of rooms and restaurants while recovering from a long trip or work. Some spent time at the bar, enjoying delicious cocktails and chatting with other guests, while others preferred privacy and relaxation in their rooms.

Outside the rooms, everything was calm and peaceful. The guests went about their business, chatted and strolled along the beautifully decorated corridors of the hotel. The staff was attentive to order and comfort, creating the perfect atmosphere for rest and relaxation.

During those first 24 hours, there was nothing to indicate that hidden passions and sexual games lurked behind the facade of the hotel. I continued to perform my duties, smiling at each guest and remaining an observer and waiting for the secrets of this night to become clear.


Suddenly, I realized that the party on the third floor of the hotel had begun. It was close to midnight. I stared at the front door as four elegant women dressed in provocative attire entered. They were greeted by the hotel manager, who greeted them elegantly and led them to the elevator, taking them to the third floor.

I watched the elevator doors close, taking the mysterious guests with them. I remember feeling a mixture of curiosity, bewilderment and a desire to penetrate the mystery that played out on the third floor.

The maid, slightly embarrassed and a bit mysterious, gave me a strange look as she passed by. Like she knew more than me. At this time, the “employees” of the hotel, whom I had not seen before, began to rush along the corridor, fussing and organizing some kind of special service.

I remember I felt excitement and nervousness. I realized that something interesting and unusual was happening next to me. As an observer of this mysterious spectacle, I still remained at my workplace.

Action on the third floor

At 2:30 am suddenly I received a call to the front desk. It was a call from one of the rooms on the third floor.

“Reception listening, how can I help, sir?” I said, trying not to show my excitement.

“This is Rudolph, come up to us on the third floor,” he heard the voice of his manager. And then there were short beeps.

“Here it is,” I thought. After some hesitation, I went to the elevator, trying to hide my excitement.

An elevator ride has never been so long for me. On a third floor I met a security guard who slightly opened the door to the left wing of the hotel for me.

People in masks at the mystery mass
People in masks at the third floor | The Monkey Times

A moment later I found myself literally in the twilight in the middle of an orgy, surrounded by naked people in masks, some coited, others drank alcohol, someone apparently smoked hashish. Two more men jerked off each other. But at the same time the atmosphere was quite calm, chamber and even aristocratic. I could barely move, and the strangely energetic gazes of the members following me sent shivers down my spine. Having passed along the corridor to the hall, I saw strange ritual objects placed around the perimeter, creating an atmosphere of mysticism and mystery.

In the center of the hall, in the semi-darkness, I noticed Herr Gordo, the owner of the hotel. “How come?” I thought. The owner of the hotel performed an unusual ritual on one of the four girls that my manager met the other day. Her face expressed bewilderment and fear, as if she was trapped, not understanding what was happening to her. Throughout the room, people copulated in different positions, I don’t know how many people were there, everything was mixed up.

Then someone pulled me by the sleeve. It was Rudolf. “Here,” he said, and led me into one of the rooms. When I entered the room, I was dumbfounded. On the bed lay the bloodied body of a girl, one of those whom Rudolph met. In horror and disgust, I realized that I had witnessed a terrible crime. I knew right away that she was dead. Rudolf looked into my eyes as if he was looking straight into my soul: “This is THEIR secret. If anyone finds out, we’ll both be dead like her.”

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A story that happened in 1968 in Bavarian luxury hotel for the rich guests, in southern Germany.

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The Untold Story of The Night Porter (Part4/4) ↗

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