Taxi Driver Becomes the Owner of Taxi Company

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Pakistani man dressed in yellow jacket and a hat walking across the street in front of the yellow taxicab
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CHICAGO — An interesting story happened in Chicago. A migrant taxi driver from Pakistan, Mohammed Salah, recently won the lottery and decided to buy out the company where he worked for 12 years as a 🚕 taxi driver. One of the reasons for this choice was that Mohammed was tired of the daily bullying of his boss, Robert McNamara, who turned his life into a real nightmare. This is revenge and the desire to change something. But is Mr. Salah ready to lead a company without education and experience? On the other hand, after 12 years of work, one can understand the problems that ordinary employees face on a daily basis.

The company’s employees speak unflatteringly about the tyrant boss Robert McNamara, it is also known that he was sued several times, but each time the lawsuit was withdrawn. The top manager of the company became famous for his threats and bullying against his subordinates. Taking advantage of the hopeless situation of poor hard workers, he literally squeezed out all the juice, forcing them to work overtime. Until recently, Mohammed was one of those employees who endured his endless harassment and insults, he was afraid to change something, because he has a wife, three children and no education, and he also could not hope for the support of relatives.

First Decision

As the first decision that Mohammed made after buying 🚕 Erman Taxicab Co. was the dismissal of Robert McNamara. Yes, some might call this behavior “abuse of wealth”, on the other hand, a toxic atmosphere is also not the norm, even when employees has 100% performance.

And, of course, Mohammed did not forget to mention the non-payment of “severance pay” for Mr. McNamara. “Why give him this ‘extra’ bonus when I can just fire him without it? Robert McNamara may be left without his favorite vacation in Hawaii, but he has the freedom of choice and can find another job, right? Or maybe just enjoy a well-deserved rest on my savings, I don’t have to worry about his future”.

Will Mr. Salah be able to handle his new role? As you know, most of the people who won the lottery lose their wealth after some time due to rash acts. Back in 2001, The American Economic Review reported that one in four lottery winners went bankrupt. And in 2009, researchers at the Paris School of Economics found that growing individual income too quickly is often accompanied by lifestyle changes that increase the risk of death. Many are simply not ready for wealth and instantly burn through the money that has fallen on them. We wish Mohammed to avoid this fate and not join the list of losers.

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The editorial board comprises opinion journalists who draw on their expertise, research, debates, and longstanding values to form their views. It operates independently from the newsroom.

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