NASA has identified a celestial body flying towards the Earth

"It's Inevitable": Scientists Named the Date of the Impending Catastrophe on Earth - It's Coming Soon

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Storm at Earth planet shot from the space
Planet Earth, photo by NASA on Unsplash

NASA managed to detect the celestial body and calculated the date and time of its impact. The wait for the catastrophe is not long. Finally, we will be able to part with all our problems and worries instantly. And it’s especially pleasing that, according to scientists, a meteorite the size of a multi-storey building will fall to Earth on Valentine’s Day – February 14th, 2046 at 16:44 GMT. Finally, all couples will be able to die together, like true romantics. Truly, a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions like “Romeo and Juliet.”

Of course, there is still enough time, and it could be assumed that everything may change and the meteorite will miss Earth. But scientists are confident – their forecast is accurate. According to all calculations, this will happen exactly at that time.

A big board with math formulas
Math equations and formulas on chalkboard, photo by Thomas T on Unsplash

Finally, we will stop living by the principle of “whatever God sends,” and will be able to plan our demise on the calendar and enjoy every last moment, knowing that we are approaching the end.

First reaction at celestial body

This news has already stirred up the masses of people. It is predicted that the number of newly-emerging religious cults around the world will soon skyrocket, as well as the number of their followers. Traditional religion will also call on parishioners to prepare for the “higher mission.”

At the same time, police departments and militaries have secretly begun preparing for an imminent surge in criminal activity. Chaos will grow in the masses. According to experts in mass management, the situation will quickly reach a critical point. Pretty soon we will see more violent and insane crimes, as some people decide to commit their last desperate acts.

Primary psychological research among romantics

It has also been revealed that NASA psychologists have conducted preliminary psychological research. As it turns out, romantics welcome this news as a romantic opportunity to die together with their significant other.

In terms of percentage, among binary and non-binary romantics, this news was welcomed by:

  • 34% of men
  • 43% of women
  • 87% of agenders
  • 1% of genderfluids
  • 50% of bigenders
  • 135%❗ of genderqueers
  • 34% of other non-binary personalities (demigender, gender questioning, neutrois, etc.)
Big radio telescope pointed for deep space scanning
Radio telescope pointed for deep space scanning, Photo by Lamna The Shark on Unsplash

This will definitely be an interesting experiment for our civilization. Finally, we will find out how humanity will react to the inevitable death of all living things. The editorial board of The Monkey Times calls on people to remain conscious and simply enjoy every day that we have until 2046! Moreover, who knows, perhaps the catastrophe will not be so terrible. Perhaps we will simply transition to another dimension or be reborn in a new world, and religious fanatics and supporters of various cults are not so wrong?

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The editorial board comprises opinion journalists who draw on their expertise, research, debates, and longstanding values to form their views. It operates independently from the newsroom.

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