Breakup of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

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Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn at the ceremony
Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn break up

Popular American singer Taylor Swift and her long-term partner, British actor Joe Alwyn, have again become the subject of hot 🗣️ rumors and headlines in the press. This time it’s about theirs split after many years together. Representatives for Swift and Alvin did not immediately respond to journalists’ requests, and little was known about the details of the event. However, judging by previously known facts, their separation, as noted by some sources, was “not dramatic”, and the relationship simply faded away.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s romance began in 2016, after Swift met a number of famous personalities in the entertainment industry, such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Hiddleston, Calvin Harris, Harry Styles and others. In her 2020 documentary Miss Americana, Swift mentions that it was the lesser-known Alvin who got her attention with his normal life. Subsequently, the couple tried harder to live an ordinary life, a life not for show, avoided publicity, tried to keep their relationship out of sight, evaded comments and ignored the rumors around them. Despite this couple was still one of the brightest among the stars of show business.

During their relationship, Alvin assisted Swift in writing several songs under the pseudonym William Bowery. He has collaborated with Swift on several tracks on her last two albums “Folklore” and “Evermore”.

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Swift and Alvin announced their split about a week before Swift traveled to Tampa, Florida as part of her sold-out “Eras Tour” in support of her recently released album “Midnights”, which set a new record for the singer and sold 1.58 million copies in the first week. The hype for “Eras Tour” tickets is also huge, more than two million tickets in one day were sold.

Joe Alwyn’s career is also on the rise, recently appearing alongside “The Last of Us” star Bella Ramsey in the medieval comedy “Catherine Called Birdy”.

The news of the breakup caused a lot of excitement among the fans of both celebrities, who are used to seeing them together and supporting their relationship. The couple breaks up and they remain friends. Who knows, maybe we will still see them together, if not as a couple of people in love, then as co-authors of a creative project.

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