Charles III, The New King of Great Britain

God Save The King: a long way to the throne, Camilla Parker Bowles, and the future of the British crown.

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King Charles III coronation moment
King Charles III coronation moment at Westminster Abbey

LONDON — On May 6, 2023, a grand once-in-a-generation event took place. From that day on, Prince Charles became Charles III, King of England. He was crowned at the age of 74, during the ceremony his head was decorated with the ancient crown of St. Edward.

All his life Charles Philip Arthur George, that is exactly what his full name sounds like, spent in the shadow of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, as well as his first wife, Princess Diana, who was a favourite of the public and who during her lifetime was called the “Queen of hearts” who is still recalls the whole world as the brightest personality of the modern British monarchy. It has become an event in recent British history, breathing new life into the most conservative institution in the world.

What King Will Charles III Be

For Charles III, the coronation is a triumph. This is the event that makes him the first person in the state. But what kind of ruler will the new King be?

Of course King Charles III will definitely not be like his mother. Elizabeth II was brought up in the traditions of the royal family. She was devoted to her people and country all her life. However, Charles grew up in more difficult circumstances, his childhood passed during the World War II, and then he became a very public person, passionate about ecology and social issues.

Contradictory Opinions About the New Monarch

A lot of people close to Prince Charles consider him as an intelligent and serious person, with a deep understanding of the traditions and culture of Great Britain. He is known for his insightful views on the world’s problems, as well as his passion for nature restoration and sustainable technologies.

However, there’s also people who fear that King Charles III may be too conservative and isolated from the people, which could affect his ability to be a good leader. His preoccupations with ecology and social issues, while useful, may make him less capable of solving political problems. This may make him less involved in issues such as economics and international relations.

In addition, there are concerns that his long time in the shadow of his mother and Princess Diana, as well as his somewhat unusual lifestyle, may make him less accessible to the public and lessen his popularity. Will he be able to use his experience and wisdom to find new ways to communicate with the people and give new impetus to the royal family?

The Main Task of Charles III

It is precisely the preservation of the importance of the royal family in a rapidly changing world that is one of the main tasks that King Charles III should solve, and this is far from his forte. Princess Diana coped with this role perfectly, causing only irritation among the members of the royal family, because all the glory went to her, not to Charles.

In recent years, the royal family has become more open and accessible to the people, and this has led to an increase in its popularity. This was facilitated mainly by the heirs to the throne, William, Prince of Wales, Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, Prince Harry. But to stay relevant, King Charles III must find a balance for himself between the traditional values of the royal family and the new demands of society.

Camilla, Queen Consort

Camilla Parker Bowles is called by many the love of the life of King Charles III, which is worthy of a separate film adaptation. A story when two people, overcoming the prohibitions of the Queen Elizabeth II and the condemnation of the public, nevertheless, after many years, were able to be together. Other people are of the opinion that despite all the same difficult circumstances of Camilla, Queen Consort for a long time and systematically went to its only goal, namely the title of queen, the first woman in the palace.

Prince Charles and Camilla Rosemary Shand met in 1970 at one of the social events that the Queen’s eldest son was so fond of attending at the time. They were both 23 at the time. Some biographers believe that then the couple had love at first sight. Others are sure that only Charles lost his head, and Camilla did not share his feelings, she was in a relationship with officer Andrew Parker Bowles and for her it was just a small affair.

Young Prince Charles and young Camilla Parker Bowles
Young Camilla Parker Bowles & Prince Charles. Author is unknown.

In her youth, Camilla, although she was not a beauty, Charles liked immediately. It was easy to be with her, she laughed at his jokes and did not try to please him, as other girls did.

Heirs to the Throne

The future of the British crown does not look too uncertain. This is largely facilitated by William, Prince of Wales and Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, his wife, who are devoted to the monarchy and continue its traditions. William takes an active part in the life of the royal family and many believe that he will be a wonderful king when his time comes.

Kate Middleton also plays an important role in the monarchy. She actively participates in various events and supports various charitable and cultural initiatives. At King Charles III’s coronation she looked amazing, her outfit was elegant, she was courteous, modest and didn’t even forget to honore both Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana with her choice of jewelry. Kate is highly regarded for her elegance, intelligence and openness. She is the person who is able to largely modernize the British crown, taking into account the latest realities in the world.

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But between Prince Harry and the royal family is really difficult relationship. Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, recently moved to the US and left their royal duties. Their decision caused a lot of controversy, they also lost the favor of the crown, and the publication of memoirs by Prince Harry only added to the controversy.


In general, the coronation ceremony was attended by about 2,300 people from different walks of life in Britain and the world as a whole. Among the guests were representatives of old bloodlines, prominent politicians, the most successful businessmen, and representatives of pop culture.

All this speaks to the royal family’s efforts to be at the center of a new, multicultural Britain. In the center of the country, which, although famous for its conservatism, is ready for rapid transformations in many areas. One thing must not change and be questioned – the British monarchy itself and the institutions associated with it.

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