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Workation in Modern Life

Workation is a modern way of life and work that is becoming more popular with the development of the digital economy and technology.

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In our rapidly changing times, when technology is developing at a super speed, 📊 multitasking becomes an important aspect to keep up with everything. The world has witnessed such a phenomenon as portmanteau, a kind of linguistic mechanism that allows you to create new words by combining existing ones. Examples of portmanteau are words such as “workation” (work + vacation), “brunch” (breakfast + lunch), “smog” (smoke + fog) and others, which have now become part of our lives. The combination of several words into one is part of the post-modern world in which we live. The mixing of genres is one of the main features of postmodernity, and the mixing of work and leisure is the embodiment of this mixing. Workation is when, with proper planning, you combine the pleasure of travel and the performance of professional duties without much additional hassle.

New Opportunities

With advances in technology, changing job requirements, and trends in the global economy, workation is becoming an increasingly popular and affordable option for those who wish to work and travel at the same time. It can also provide new opportunities for career development, expanding professional connections, gaining new experience and knowledge, as well as increasing motivation and creative inspiration.

If work allows you and you have not yet tried to combine business with pleasure, or you did not like this experience, perhaps you should reconsider your attitude to workation?

A Few Tips

In order to successfully organize work while traveling, it is important to take into account a number of factors, such as the stability of the Internet connection, the availability of suitable working conditions, the appropriateness of time zones, and the ability to combine work with leisure and enjoyment of travel. It is also important to assess your ability to self-organize, motivate and manage your time and tasks while working remotely. Moreover, workation is not suitable for all types of work and professions.

Planning and time management play an important role in organizing work while traveling. It is important to determine your priorities in advance and distribute time between work and leisure. Creating a flexible work schedule, setting specific deadlines and planning tasks will help you organize your work more efficiently.

There are also many mobile apps and services that can help organize your workation. From well-known Airbnb, and Google Maps to such as Workfrom (when in need of work friendly cafés) or XE Currency (because airport conversion rate sucks). Use Google and others to navigate. Coworking space search services, such as Coworker, allow you to find the nearest coworking space and book a workplace for the right amount of time. There are also apps for personal budgeting, route planning, and other services that can help with travel and work.

Statistics and Trends

According to statistics working while ✈️ traveling is becoming more and more popular. Surveys show that more than 50% of people who work remotely regularly combine work with travel. Of these, more than 70% note an increase in productivity and motivation when working in an unusual environment. More than 80% believe that being able to work while traveling has a positive impact on their quality of life.

Trends indicate that workation and digital nomadism will continue to evolve. With the rise of the digital economy, advances in technology and changes in global work trends, working while traveling is expected to become even more popular in the future.

One trend in travel is the development of more flexible forms of work such as project work, freelancing and the gig economy, which allows workers to work on different projects and with different clients from different locations while traveling.

The era of Covid has given a significant impetus to the development of technologies and tools that make it easier to work from a distance. Augmented reality, virtual workspaces and tools for remote collaboration, all these technologies will make working while traveling even more convenient and efficient.

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