Holy Week in Granada, Spain

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Catholic Holy Week inGranada, Spain
Catholic Holy Week celebration in Spain

Holy Week is a very nice time to visit Granada. It is one of the most important holidays for Catholic Spain. The celebration starts with Palm Sunday, when people decorate their houses with palm fronds, followed by processions through the streets of the city every day for a week. Every day has its own unique meaning: for example on Friday the processions are held in complete silence, on Sunday night they are the grandest. In some cities, up to 20 processions can take place in one day.

Santa Hermandad

Santa Hermandad Each “Santa Hermandad” (Saint Brotherhood) has its own unique symbolism, its own color and special “paso” pedestals, which are decorated with live flowers and gilding. And they look truly incredible. These compositions depict Christ or Mary, or entire compositions based on biblical motifs. Paso weight reaches 6-9K lb. The “Costaheros” — those who carry the paso — spend several months practicing a special move in which the sculptures will move and appear alive, while each one carries approximately 120 kg. And the processions last 4-6 hours. Pay attention to how they raise the paso in a special way, jumping up. After which the entire crowd applauds them for their incredible effort.People in caps are “Nazarenes”. They have constantly repent of their sins, while remaining unrecognizable. This is what face covering caps are needed for. They often go barefoot or with leg shackles. Taking part in the procession is a great honor. For example, Antonio Banderas comes to his native Malaga every year and from time to time takes part in such processions.

Crucified Jesus Christ with a crown of thorns on his head.
Crucified Jesus Christ with a crown of thorns on his head.

The performance is closed by an orchestra that performs religious music that sends ants running down your skin. It is believed that on Wednesday Judas Iscariot decided to betray Jesus, receiving 30 pieces of silver for it.

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