You Should Be Drinking Alcohol in the Morning, Not in the Evening

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Drinking alcohol in the evenings may let you go after a busy day, but drinking alcohol in the morning can help you start things off with less stress

You shouldn’t drink alcohol in the evening, but in the morning. And here’s why. Imagine you are returning home after a long and hard day at work. Fatigue gnaws at you, thoughts of worries and problems haunt you. You crave to rest, relax and forget about all your worries.

And what are you doing? You pour yourself a glass of wine or whiskey and sit down in a chair with a blissful sigh. Alcohol drink starts to warm your throat, and you feel how all problems disappear, being replaced by a pleasant feeling of relief. The evening drags on slowly, you enjoy every sip, allowing yourself to relax and forget about worldly worries.

But here comes the morning. You wake up with a heavy head and the feeling that someone has been beating you all night with a hammer. Opening your eyes seems like a feat of heroic proportions, and the bed would seem like a great place to stay until the evening. You try to remember last night, but your memories are fading away like a locomotive on the horizon.

Now you curse your choice. The alcohol makes you feel like poop the next morning. Why do you decide to drink again and again in the evening?

Alcoholic Drinks in the Morning

Let’s say you woke up in the morning with a clear head, did morning yoga, showered, had breakfast, and drank one of your favorite fruity alcoholic drinks or low calorie alcoholic drinks. Not much, everyone knows how much he needs, and little by little you begin to get involved in the work. Or from home, or going to the office, but already in high spirits. You feel energized and calm at the same time, ready to tackle whatever tasks await you throughout the day.

During the day, you feel light and free in your thoughts, which contributes to creative and productive thinking. Work and routine matters become more interesting and inspiring. Tired of sitting in long and tedious meetings? Alcohol in the morning will help you make these meetings much more interesting and fun throughout the day. Who knows, maybe your ideas will sound even more creative after a couple of beverages. You can see things with a new perspective and come up with unexpected solutions. A carefree start of your day opens the door to new opportunities and success throughout the whole day. Solving complex problems no longer seems unattainable and unrealistic.

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Drinking Bavarian Beer Adds a Bavarian Accent

And in the evening, when you go to bed to sleep, you go without fear that in the beginning of your next day you will suffer an insurmountable headache or the feeling that you are driving nails into your temples. You can enjoy the moment without the harmful effects that usually accompany drinking alcohol in the evening.

Imagine what a revolution it would be in our lives if we moved drinking into the morning. Morning alcoholic drinks can change our lives qualitatively. Morning coffee could be replaced with a light alcoholic cocktail or fruity alcoholic drinks, which would give us energy and cheerfulness for the whole day. We would not waste time recovering from a night of drinking and would be less worried about certain problems.

Warning Message About Alcoholic Drinks

Of course, if alcohol is contraindicated for health reasons, you have an addiction, or, for example, for religious reasons, you decide to stop drinking alcohol, then you should not start, and this article is not for you. If so, then focus on how to stop drinking alcohol.

But if you drink alcohol, then you should not drink in the evening, but in the morning. In its meaning, this is a real evolution of the lifestyle of any person and society as a whole. And if you have any doubts whether such a choice is the right one, then remember Winston Churchill. His habits didn’t get in the way of him becoming the Greatest Briton. Quite possibly just the opposite.

Let’s rethink our habits and try to drink not in the evening, but in the morning. Let’s be the masters of our lives, and not slaves to the stereotyped thinking that meeting friends at a bar or watching football in the evening should be accompanied by a few liters of beer or any other alcoholic drink. Extra calories at night are also useless. But alcohol also has calories. Who knows, perhaps such a variable will turn our world upside down and lead to more conscious consumption of alcoholic beverages.

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