More and more children are afraid to look under the bed

Some claim that they hear rustling and whispering coming from under the bed at night. Police report a mass disappearance of children in the state.

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Scared little child created by AI
Scared child | The Monkey Times

Recently, the Georgia State Police have been receiving more and more information about missing children. Many of these children were last seen when they went to bed.

Some children claim to have seen a monster that they all imagine to be the same name – Hróka. The police do not know whether this is a fictional character from books or TV shows or a scary meme from the internet.

Meanwhile, children who claim to have already seen the monster say the same thing – it lives under the 🛏️ bed and feeds on their fear.

“I know Hróka exists. I saw him! I can feel its presence, especially at night before I fall asleep. It feeds on my fear, that’s what it tells me.”

Jason Sloan, 8 years old

Some details differ, but the general part of the description is striking in its similarity.

“I don’t know how to describe it with words. It’s something that makes me forget how to breathe and move.”

Ella Cornelis, 9 years old

Here is the portrait of the monster that the police have been able to compose based on hundreds of children’s testimonies:


Collectively imagined monster Hróka, or whatever it may be, is described by everyone as a creature with sharp claws and bright eyes that always comes to children at night from under the bed. When the child falls asleep, Hróka quickly reaches out its claws and grabs the child by the legs, then begins to drag them under the bed. At this moment, its eyes light up with merciless fire, and the child becomes breathless, as fear and panic seize everyone (which explains why no one hears the children's screams on the night of their disappearance). The monster behaves aggressively, as if confident that its victims will not be able to return and they will remain in its prison forever. At this moment, the child feels that they are being dragged deeper and deeper into the darkness, into a world where shadows devour light. Fear completely overwhelms the child, and they realize that the battle is lost. The child's strength is always incomparably less than the monster's. However, some children note that if they try to think of something good or try to stop being afraid, the monster becomes less powerful. Perhaps this is because Hróka feeds on fear, and when children stop being afraid it weakens?

Is there any hope?

Some mystics claim that Hróka can be defeated by simply boldly looking under the bed when hearing its breathing at night and showing it that you are not afraid of it. Some parents have already begun to teach their children to show their 🖕 middle finger and swear, express contempt and not be afraid to hit first. Perhaps this will help children overcome their fears and deal with their nightmares.

Monster from the nightmares and a little girl is standing in the room near the bed
Monster near the girl’s bed, created by AI

Meanwhile, local authorities are conducting an investigation and practically not commenting on what is really happening and where the missing children are disappearing to. But one thing is known for sure – this monster is gaining more and more strength, every night it becomes stronger and stronger, and if nothing changes, it will soon be able to come out from under the bed and begin its path of destruction and horror.

Who knows how this will end and when it will end? But one thing is certain – children are increasingly afraid to be alone, refuse to go to bed, and certainly do not look under the bed. At the moment, no one knows what will happen when Hróka finally gathers enough strength to come out from under the bed and capture anyone who gets in its way.

Today, the existence of the monster named Hróka remains a semi-myth and semi-legend for little children. However, if you hear the sound of claws scraping, try not to be afraid and pray that it does not find you.

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The editorial board comprises opinion journalists who draw on their expertise, research, debates, and longstanding values to form their views. It operates independently from the newsroom.

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