Horoscope (April 17 – 23, 2023)

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The old book with strange zodiac signs
The old book with zodiac signs | The Monkey Times

Aries: Unpredictable challenges await you, from forgotten debts to spontaneous career retraining as a “professional skydiver”. You will have to show all your fiery passion in order not to burn out this week.

Taurus: This week you better avoid old abandoned buildings and gloomy alleys in the parks. You may have terrible dreams, and you will feel that you are being pursued by dark forces. All in all be careful and avoid risky situations otherwise you’ll get into unpleasant troubles.

Gemini: Gemini will have to balance their different selves this week. You may find yourself in a situation where one half of you wants to lie on the couch and do nothing, and the other half wants to take an international trip on a retro bike to find the best coffee in the world. Good luck trying to talk yourself into a compromise!

Cancer: This week you will have to come out of your shell and do something out of the ordinary! Do not be afraid of change and do not give free rein to your complexes – you can overcome any difficulties

Leo: There are a lot of important things ahead of you this week that you might forget to do if you don’t put them on your to-do list. Be careful not to forget important dates and appointments! It’s recommended using reminders, notes, or even writing down everything in the palm of your hand so that you don’t lose sight of anything.

Virgo: You’ll be in “don’t care” mode this week. You will not care about the opinions of others, you will go your own way, not paying attention to negative points or criticism. You can make decisions without the influence of external factors and just do what you want. Your motto this week is “don’t care about anything” and you will enjoy freedom from external restrictions and other worries.

Libra: This week, my dear, you will become a mystery even to the stars! Your unpredictability and elusiveness will be on top, and you will be able to surprise everyone with your unexpected actions and decisions.

Scorpio: Frankly speaking this week you better not watch horror movies before bed and avoid dark places. Your imagination can play tricks on you and you may see strange shadows and hear unexplained sounds. Try to stay in bright and friendly places to avoid discomfort.

Sagittarius: Oh, the stars might look like real asses to you this week! You may encounter obstacles, difficulties, or even losses. Maybe you will feel that everything is not going the way you would like, and you will experience disappointment. It’s going to be a tough week.

Capricorn: This week you will face a real mystery! You will solve the riddles of fate, like a wise monk in a Tibetan monastery. Do not be afraid of dark secrets and go forward like a tank on the training ground!

Aquarius: This week you should be careful with sudden mood swings and unexpected situations. Your usual sense of security can be disturbed by mysterious events and strange dreams. Keep calm and avoid risky activities to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Pisces: This week you will have a total blackout of the mind! All these ideas and thoughts will boil in your head like a gut in boiling water. Be careful not to wind up and lose the thread of your brilliant plans!

Sasha Bonner

Sasha specializes in covering news related to the world of esotericism, horoscopes and beliefs. She has been recognized for her accurate in-depth coverage of various aspects of esoteric and spiritual culture.

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Sasha specializes in covering news related to the world of esotericism, horoscopes and beliefs. She has been recognized for her accurate in-depth coverage of various aspects of esoteric and spiritual culture.

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