GTA VI leaks: the game to be as realistic as possible …

... or why Rockstar Games is hiring game testers en masse? According to unverified (of course 🤫) rumors, Rockstar Games has started testing their upcoming Grand Theft Auto game series. It's noted that a new realistic mode will be TRULY realistic.

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GTA6 Concept Image
GTA 6, coming soon...

The next Grand Theft Auto series promises to revolutionize the gaming world, as it was with the previous series. The game will have several difficulty modes, one of which is hyperrealism. And the name is inherited from one of the painting genres, apparently not for nothing. In this mode, the character’s death in the game will be equivalent to the player’s death in real life. Now, if a player’s character in the game dies (regardless of the circumstances that led to the death), the person controlling the character at that moment will die too. Literally. Our source could not explain how this mechanic will be implemented. However, the massive hiring of testers by Rockstar Games did not go unnoticed. The level of secrecy around the upcoming GTA VI also breaks all records to prevent any leaks. It’s same level secret development that Pentagon and MI6 has.

Image from GTA 5, no official GTA 6 yet
Image from GTA 5, no official GTA 6 yet (Image source: Rockstar)

At the moment, we have only received three comments from three recently hired game testers. For moral and safety reasons, we publish their statements under fictional names, and any coincidences are just coincidences:

“When you test the realistic mode in GTA 6, you’re not just testing the game, you’re living it.”

Niko Franklin, Game tester

“I spent so much time in the hyperrealistic mode of the game that now I think my real life is just a break between game sessions.”

Michael Johnson, QA senior tester

“I think my job is just another mission in GTA, only instead of making money in the game, I make them in real life.”

Carl Trevor Belik, Game tester

Who can play in hyperrealistic mode?

Patiently waiting for the upcoming GTA VI

Due to ethical problems, it is expected that in order to activate the hyperrealism mode, the player will need to complete a series of missions in the game, obtain special permits from government agencies, and fill out a lot of paperwork. There is also information that to increase playability, dying in this mode will not be so easy. As for healing and replenishing the health of your character in the game, as well as upgrading weapons for more effective killings, Rockstar Games will take care of game first aid kits, perks, types of firearms, and other mechanics on which the monetization system will be based.

Thus, to die or kill someone in hyperrealism mode, the player will have to go through a series of obstacles. The reward will be not just playing Russian roulette, but a whole gaming world where you can become anyone from a simple hooligan to a godfather of crime world. It seems that creators are confident in their decision. They believe that this level of realism will make the game even more exciting. An interesting nuance has also become known: NPCs cannot kill the player, but they can significantly weaken the character, taking away part of their life, which can help other players deal with you.

Moral dilemma? Screw it.

After we shared the information with a number of cyber-professional players, we received their unanimous opinion on liberalizing the rules for accessing the hyperrealistic mode. There’s a need to change the legislation regarding admission to the game after verification and obtaining all the required documents. One of them said: 

“Now, to kill a character in the game, you have to register a weapon, get a special license, and pass psychological tests. I hope the game’s creators and the government will realize that we play games to have fun but not to deal with paperwork. And if you’re thinking about morality, ask yourself: getting hit by a car or being killed in a game — what’s more dangerous nowadays?”

GTA VI will change gaming industry

We are confident that despite any difficulties or moral dilemmas, such a hyperrealistic game mechanic will attract even more attention to GTA. Many will want to test their survival skills. There will also be those who will definitely try to kill their character in the game without dying in the real world.

Considering all of the above, we assume that the game will have a large number of critics. Such a game mechanic has not yet been tested, moral dilemmas have not been resolved, all of which can negatively affect the overall perception of the game. But the hype that Rockstar Games is counting on is unlikely to lead to a decrease in the player audience.

Player psychology

We decided to find out why people play such deadly games as Russian roulette and whether such a game mode has a chance of success. We turned to a PsyD from the Institute of Behavioral Psychology in Cincinnati with our question, and here is her answer:

“Games, including Russian roulette, can be attractive to people because they represent a way to experience extreme emotions and adrenaline. Games of this kind can be associated with a desire to control one’s life, especially in cases where people feel they have little control over their circumstances. Also, games like Russian roulette can be associated with a desire to show one’s bravery, courage, or stand out among peers. I would also add the psychology of a gambler in gambling games, which essentially plays not for money. At first glance, the psychology of a gambler seems simple, but true motives, such as: self-assertion, when winning a game becomes a victory in life, or knowledge, when people with mathematical minds have the opportunity to try to calculate something, or the same lack of emotions, as I said above, are hidden deep in the consciousness behind the facade.”

Christina Seymour, Doctor of Psychology
Gamers are playing GTA

In games and on the internet, we can be anyone: create a completely new personality, choose our image and actions. We are not limited by stereotypes and can show ourselves as we want to be without fear of being judged. However, there is a downside to this, as how we behave in games and on the internet can have negative consequences in real life. Spending time in virtual reality can affect how we start interacting with other people in real life. We may become more prone to aggression and negative emotions if we are used to them in games. And it can lead to an increase in the level of crime on the streets. We may forget how to behave with people in real life and even stop understanding some social norms.

“How we behave in games and on the internet can be a more real reflection of our personality than how we behave in real life.”

Christina Seymour, Doctor of Psychology

Overall, how we behave in games and on the internet can indeed reflect our true personality. But sometimes we forget that our actions and words on the internet can have real consequences and we may be responsible for them.

Government reaction and legislative base

In preparing this material, we were able to talk to several senators from the Democratic and Republican parties who asked not to be named for now on the subject of the legislative base and ethical norms that may arise with the release of such a game. After all, it is natural that GTA appeals with all its essence to serious ethical questions of life and death, the value of human life, questions of euthanasia and abortion, as acts that people consciously commit, depriving themselves or others of life. Questions of legislation and the criminal code should also be taken into account to guarantee the safety of players and prevent violence in real life.

“Interesting concept (of the game – editor). I will definitely support changes in the legislative base, because who am I to prevent people from having a good time?” Republican Senator

One more vote for supporting changes in legislation.

“I’m definitely all in! Well, if I could live in politics for a long time, maybe I can do it in the game too?! Ha-ha-ha…” Democratic Congressman

Did you notice? No one even bothered about the moral question!

“I wonder if the president in the game is supposed to have security? Or some other protection? Or is he just as mortal as everyone else in the game? Or is there no president in the game?” Democratic Senator

No comments.

Reality vs Virtuality

When we play games, we often forget that everything that happens on the screen is virtual. If a player were to have the ability to kill characters in the game with maximum realism, it could reinforce a distorted view of violence and lead to players being less sensitive to real-life manifestations of violence.

GTA 6 leaked to have virtual mode
Photo by Maxime Doré on Unsplash

In addition, if a player were to die in the game, and the player dies along with them, it could lead to an even greater illusion that the virtual world is real life. This can create a danger that players will behave more aggressively in the game. They will feel that it is real life, which in turn will lead to even greater mortality in real life.

Thus, Rockstar Games developers need to pay special attention to:

  • ethical issues: these are issues of violence, human life values;
  • game mechanics: these are issues of socialization, playability, and enjoyment of the game;
  • security and cyber security issues: the problem of contract killings, extortion, theft of money from bank accounts, and other crime;
  • consequences of realistic killing and death systems in the game: modeling society’s behavior and preventing crime growth, mass casualties, demographic changes, and so on.

It is important to remember that the GTA gaming world is virtual. When Rockstar releases the game, our actions and words in the gaming world will have direct consequences in real life.

Other Innovations

It can be expected that the next GTA series will have a more advanced and realistic graphics engine. It will allow for a more detailed and realistic world, blurring the line between reality and fantasy.

Already, it can be confidently said that the game will include other new gameplay mechanics that will become standard in the gaming industry. For example, this could be a more advanced artificial intelligence system that will allow NPC characters to interact with the player more intelligently and diversely. We can also expect a more advanced physics system. It will allow for a more realistic movement mechanism, reaction to blows, and so on.

Surely, the next GTA will also have a more advanced online gaming system, which will allow players to interact more conveniently and freely with each other, joining gangs and organizing mass slaughter and mass murder. It is likely that the game will have a more complex and deep multiplayer system, which will allow players to enjoy the game with friends or other players around the world.

Whether cryptocurrency payments will be available or Rockstar will release its own gaming currency remains unknown.

There was a leak Rockstar answered

Also, as you may have heard, there was a game leak earlier. Rockstar responded to by saying it was one of the early versions of the game. According to that leak, for the first time a woman can become one of the protagonists.

Finally, our unverified source claims that Grand Theft Auto’s next generation will use new virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. It will allow players to immerse themselves more deeply and enjoy the game at a new level.

No doubts the next Grand Theft Auto series will undoubtedly change not only the gaming industry landscape but society as a whole. GTA will rewrite moral principles and definitions of what is good and what is bad. However, it is impossible to say with complete certainty what the consequences of these changes will be. But if Rockstar Games succeeds in everything they have planned, they will undoubtedly earn trillions of dollars. Remember these words.

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