Tucker’s “Ship of Fools” is a Massive Journalistic Research

A book review of «Ship of Fools» by Tucker Carlson. This is his fourth book and bestseller of The New York Times.

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Ship of Fools book by Tucker Carlson
Ship of Fools by Tucker Carlson

In light of the recent dismissal of Tucker Carlson from Fox News, I decided to take a look at his work, in particular his fourth book, “Ship of Fools”, which once became a New York Times bestseller. In this work, he explores the theme of American politics and culture, describing the general condition of the nation and the problems it faces. And I am sure that the book will remain relevant for a long time to come.

In the 📘 book, Tucker Carlson describes his vision of the American political scene as a “ship of fools” that is crowded uncontrollably by many different groups unable to work together. He tells how political elitism, inability to dialogue and cultural relativism create a society divided into categories that know little about each other and are unable to find a common language.

Criticism and Basic Principles

Carlson does not hesitate to criticize both sides of the political spectrum, but at the same time, he is not overly optimistic about how to overcome the division. He believes that only those who abandon dogmatic political views and are willing to listen to the other side can help America return to its historic role as leader of the free world. One of the main principles that Carlson puts forward in his book is the need to return to traditional values. He believes that the loss of values such as family, national spirit and religion has led to many of the problems that America faces today.

Despite the author’s critical attitude towards the political elite, Carlson describes his views without any obvious political inclination. He does not conduct political analyzes, but rather talks about his personal observations and opinions. This approach makes his book more accessible to a wider audience, regardless of political persuasion.


Ship of Fools

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“Ship of Fools” is a 📘 book that makes you think about the state of society and the place of ordinary Americans in it. It is thought provoking about how we can work together to overcome division and benefit the entire community. In fact, this book is an excellent example of journalistic research. Everything he says is based on his personal experience and observations, which makes his arguments all the more convincing.

Overall, “Ship of Fools” is an excellent book for those seeking a better understanding of the political, social, and cultural landscape of America today. The book is recommended to anyone who is interested in these topics and is looking for constructive solutions.

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The editorial board comprises opinion journalists who draw on their expertise, research, debates, and longstanding values to form their views. It operates independently from the newsroom.

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